This series of twelve limited edition prints and drawings is meant to explore the sacred relationship between humans and animals.

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 Joe Wasp and the Bees
As his name suggest, Joe Wasp is in the business of buzzing insects.  I met Joe when I was looking for someone to remove a wasp nest from our house.  As well as being a beekeeper, he's the only person in Vancouver who does ethical removal and relocation of wasp and bee nests.  Silkscreen print on BFK Rives paper.   Click to view full image.

 Duncan and the Chickens
Builder of backyard henhouses, Duncan has made a business of knowing chickens.  He also offers workshops to set urban dwellers on their way to the freshest eggs possible.  Duncan’s project is part of the Backyard Bounty Collective.  Silkscreen print on BFK Rives paper.   view full image.

Hand colored silkscreen printKathy and the Belted Galloway Cows
The Steveston Stock and Feed Farm has been in Harold Steve's family since 1877.  He and his wife Kathy raise Belted Galloway cows, a breed from Scotland, and produce seed for the Heritage Seed Program.   Silkscreen print on BFK Rives paper. view full image.

Hand colored silkscreen printMaryann and the Fairburn Water Buffalo
Maryann tends water buffalo on her family's heritage farm in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island.  They provide the animals with a grass and hay fed diet on pesticide free land. Their milk is made into a delicious mozzerella, the only local one you will find in BC.  Silkscreen print on BFK Rives paper. view full image.  

ThumbnailMartin and the Salmon
Martin is a participant in the Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen Garden Project.  The Project brings aboriginal people from Vancouver's Eastside out to UBC farm to garden, cook and preserve food together.  Silkscreen print on BFK Rives paper.  view full image.  

Silkscreen printGoat Pride

The Dykstra children of Goat's Pride Dairy Farm were my hosts the day I visited.  The operation is small with every family member sharing in the care of the goats, collected milk, making cheese and even distributing the products.  Silkscreen limited edition on BFK Rives paper.  view full image.  

Ink drawingSloping Hill Farm
Dirk Keller and Bea Graf grew up on family farms in Bavaria, Germany.  Their heritage breed Hampshire, Berkshire and Duroc pigs are free to roam and forage the chemical and pesticide free fields.  Their award winning pork can be found in select Vancouver restaurants.   Ink drawing on BFK Rives paper.  view full image.     

Relief printMystic Sheep
The lamb has long been a visual motif in Christian iconography, Judaism and Greek myth.  As a symbol of innocence, the sacrifice of a lamb has been said to "take away the sins of the world." What it does to the lamb is all too clear.  Relief print limited edition on BFK Rives paper. view full image. 

ThumbnailCaribou Night
Caribou have been one of the most important animals for the people living in the boreal forest and tundra region.  Many herds are in decline today due to climate change and the devastation caused by resource extraction.  Woodcut limited edition on BFK Rives paper. view full image. 

Why Turkey
About 3 million turkeys are eaten in Canada alone on Thanksgiving. Why has the turkey become so fundamental to this holiday meal?  There is evidence of an earlier feast in which Catholic settlers and Timucua Indians dined on bean soup.  Ink drawing on BFK Rives                                            paper. SOLD view full image.

ThumbnailRabbit Moon
When I was around four years old, I had several rabbits as pets.  My mother was going through an ethical dilemma over eating meat.  She realized that if she couldn't kill a living creature to eat then she would need to stop eating meat altogether.  My pet rabbits became prime candidates for this experiment. I don't think I was told until after the                                      evening meal of roast rabbit.  Relief print limited edition on BFK                                              Rives paper.  view full image.