Friday night the Eastside Culture Crawl kicked off to a rainy (and thundery) start but it didn't seem to put a damper on people's enthusiasm for art.   The weekend was a great opportunity to welcome people into the new Monkey100 studio in Strathcona.   It was a chance to meet our new neighbors as well who have been passing by the building for months wondering what it was going to be.   

For the first time I was able to show some of the installation projects I've been working on over the past few years.  The new t-shirt designs were also a big hit, especially the monkeys on bikes which I will definitely be printing more of in the next few weeks!  

By the end of the weekend, our "Where Did You Crawl From" map was colorfully decorated with people's markings.  We had visitors from White Rock, Denman Island, Squamish, Jervis Inlet, Taiwan, San Francisco, and many other places.  Some just happened to be in town for the weekend and wanted to check out what this art crawl was all about.  We had many first timers to the Crawl and some who look forward to it every year.  

I would like to thank everyone who came out, even in the worst of the stormy weather, to visit the Monkey100 studio.  There were some great conversations and I really felt overwhelmed by the positive response to the work and our new space.  Thank you and stay tuned for future events!    


Monkey100 Studio

Monkey100 Studio

Monkey100 Studio


 ECC map
Monkey100 Studio Entrance
Photos by Pat Harvey