This letter writing campaign to save Bute Inlet and 17 rivers from a proposed hydro project ends December 31st.  I know we're all busy getting ready for the holidays, but this is an issue we can't afford to ignore.  I've pasted my letter below - feel free to copy and use or create your own.  To find out more information about this campaign, check out the Friends of Bute Inlet link:   

Premier and all:

I'm writing out of concern for the 17 rivers and wildlife that will be put at risk due to the proposed Bute Inlet hydro project.  A project of this sort, which would have consequences beyond the current generation, requires more input and consideration of public opinion.  We have reached a critical turning point as a species.  Globally, people are coming together to address the issues of a warming planet and an endangered food and water supply.  British Columbia is rich in natural resources but these can not be plundered at the expense of future generations.  I ask you to consider putting the public good ahead of corporate profits.  Insist on energy conservation before energy production.  Once these rivers are gone, they are gone forever and the wildlife they support along with them.  This is too much to lose and we refuse to accept it. 

Shannon Harvey

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