Welcome back Monkey100!  While I didn't physically go anywhere, it's been quiet on the social media front these past few months.  I was busy filling t-shirt orders as I had several designs picked up by British Columbia Magazine, an award winning online geographic and travel publication.  I've also been dedicating  time to developing new projects and at long last have some things to share.  

This new series of silkscreen prints on paper and wood were inspired by my exploration into the subject of eating animals.  I spent some time visiting local farms and meeting people who have close relationships with the animals they raise for food.  It's been a remarkable experience so far, one that's deepened my respect for farmers and the work they do.  As well, it's taught me what it means to be able to eat of and from an animal you care deeply for.  The series is just beginning- my plan is to create 12 in total.  If you know of a great local farmer who would be open to being part of this project, please let me know!  

The new skateboarding series "Defying Gravity" can be viewed on my flickr page.  I
was inspired to create some chalk drawings of skateboarders this past year.  Usually
I spend alot of time doing studies and multiple sketches before starting on a final piece.  Doing this series was freeing in the sense that I allowed the motion of the figures to dictate my drawing.   I really wanted the grainy, impercise quality of the chalk and pastel to give a sense of 'floating' over the paper.