acrylic painting on tyvek
"Message In A Bottle", mural, acrylic paint on tyvek, 2014

The Northern Gateway project and expansion of the Alberta tar sands will impact generations to come in ways we can only imagine.  Enbridge has as their slogan "It's more than a pipeline.  It's a path to our future." This struck me as a startling statement, more of a warning to heed rather than a vision to embrace.  What would this future look like?   This painting is a manifesto for a dark vision of a path ahead, a path in which oil production, pipelines and tankers become the landscape.   As someone who is an immigrant to Canada, who enjoys all the benefits of living in such a beautiful place, I can't help but feel how important it is to stand up for what we love, to protect it as well as utilize the power we have as citizens to press for change. 

bear postcard  

Wish You Were Here is a series of postcards about loss and longing for places transformed; for animals, plants, rivers and forests no longer there or in danger of disappearing.  Each card features an animal or a feature of the landscape cut away, becoming a visualization of emptiness and loss.  This project debuted at the Eastside Culture Crawl in 2014.   Proceeds from the postcards were donated to the Pull Together Campaign.   Pull Together is a rallying call for people across B.C. to join forces in support of First Nations legal challenges against the pipeline.